While Dreaming

54 x 45 cm, 2011 - ongoing
Cyanotypes on Canson paper 

While Dreaming is an ongoing project since 2011. It attempt to translate the pictures and narratives from the dreams into photographic images. Depicted dreams come mostly from the photographer experience of dreaming, but sometimes also from friend’s dreams, or from the ones pictured in novels, movies and other cultural objects.

The pictures are degrated by the memories of the dreamer and the distance between the night and the day. But also by a conscient technical process of impoversishment of the resolution and the quality. The cyanotypes prints becomes sometimes blury and uncertain, as do our memories of our dreams. So is given the opportunity to the viewer of projecting himself into the picture.

Images are usually stored and presented in a big black box, leaving to the viewer the responsability to compose infinite sets of dyptichs. The box itself is similar in size to C. G. Jung’s Red Book and in color to his dream’s sketch books. Also the project is not bound to any psychoanalysis tradition, it does recall the fact that dreaming is a telling in wich we embodied every charachter.